The kiddles are 4…

4 best friends that all play

Story 1:

Are you laughing?

Let’s meet the kiddles, and start our first adventure! The kiddles fly away on a pink bird named Tiny!

Story 2:

Can you share that please?

Up and away on a hot air balloon! The kiddles share binoculars to see lots of things from way way up high.

Story 3:

Can you silly?

The kiddles are silly little lions! Are you silly too?

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Story 4:

I’m tired!

When it’s time for bed, the kiddles know what to do. Let’s close our eyes and go nighty night!

Story 5:

Are you sad?

The kiddles help each other when they’re sad. It’s ok to be happy and it’s ok to be sad too.

Story 6:

Let’s paint you and me!

The kiddles learn about colours and paint lots of silly things.

written and created by a dad

I wanted to create a series of stories without any animation, bells, or whistles. Just simple narrated stories to listen to or read!

Hope you enjoy!